Issue #3 Just Dreamin’ (Copy)


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It doesn’t get more real than Back of the Yards, on the South Side of Chicago, when you’re growing up as a teen. It’s where fantasy and the power of story can build resilience, foster healing and lead to greater understanding. Based on the stories and experiences of real urban youth, Made Collaborative and the Made Collaborative Scholarship Fund present Back of the Yards, a story of gritty truth that’s beyond your wildest dreams.

About the Comic

It also in the Back of the Yards where we will meet young Russell and his cousin Draymond, two cousins that are as close as brothers and share a love of manga and video games as a way of escaping their own day-to-day realities. And last but certainly not least, we will become first acquainted with Tamia, a powerful young woman in search of her own voice after a tumultuous summer.

And as each of these teens embark on their own unique journeys, we are all left to wonder, just as they, was it all just a dream? And if so, what does it all mean?

Come begin the journey with us in this first issue of the Back of the Yards comic series! Stories from this new comic series are based on original collaborations with urban youth, with 20% of all proceeds from sales going to the Made Scholarship Fund, where you can help make the actual dreams of deserving urban youth become reality!

Submit Your Artwork

Collaborate with professional artists by contributing some artwork of your own! Some special pieces may be selected to appear in the Back of the Yards comic book.